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An Overview:

This is a systematic review of over 1,000 articles and book chapters which include or refer to therapists of color. We are in the process of completing the initial coding stage and preparing our dataset.

Getting Involved:

There may be a need for highly-motivated, fast learners who have some experience/frame of reference for reviewing scholarly literature on race and ethnicity for our upcoming phase: coding of themes and findings and organizing our qualitative data.  Contact Jordan Dunn if you are interested, and please explain a bit about your interest and your experience with reviewing literature and with this topic.

Future Steps:

Most likely, the best way to get involved if interested would be as part of a new sub-project in collaboration with one of the current project members. Once the dataset is ready, there are many sub-projects which could be done such as a deeper dive into a particular race or ethnicity of therapist, intersectionality, historical comparisons, recruitment and retention of therapists of color, etc.  Again, contact Jordan Dunn if interested.

Research Team: Jordan Dunn M.A., Sophia Williams M.A., Maryam Omidi M.A., Megan Blocker M.A., Stacy Crawford, Jamie Gardella, Reagan Rodriguez, Doris Chang PhD